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5 February 2019

The 2019 International Lithium Conference is set to be held in Perth on 3 – 4 July. The conference will cover the entire life-cycle of this unique element with a focus on the successes and challenges, the technical evolution, the end usage and the future of lithium and associated metals and commodities.

We are seeking papers from professionals working in the Lithium sector to share knowledge, case studies, best practice and new developments in the field.

The importance of Lithium has been growing for years and it is now seen as an indispensable metal, used globally in a range of industries, including in the creation of lightweight, efficient batteries and as a treatment for bipolar disorder.

Our call for abstracts is well underway, with 300-word submissions due by 18 March.  To read more about the conference themes or to submit your abstract, visit

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