Accepted Conference Abstracts

Batteries and capacitors for energy storage

  • Mapping potential electrode for lithium-ion supercapacitors, Manickam Minakshi, Murdoch University


  • Developing Risk-Based Tools to Better Predict the Impact of Lithium Mining on Ground Water Quality, Silvia Black, Chemcentre
  • A Rock and a Hard Place: Negotiating Geochemistry Challenges for Lithium Project Approvals, Thomas Robson, MBS Environmental

Exploration and Geology

  • Geology and Mineralisation of Altura’s Pilgangoora Lithium Mine, Stephen Barber, Altura Mining Ltd
  • The Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Deposit – Geological Overview and Evolution of Discovery, Nigel Broomham, Pilbara Minerals
  • Application of portable X-ray diffraction to lithium exploration and mining in pegmatites and coal-bearing sequences, Dane Burkett, Olympus
  • Sediment hosted lithium – the unconventional hydrocarbon of the new energy revolution?, Pip Darvall, Jindalee Resources Ltd
  • Light Elements: A Niche For Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), François Doucet, Elemission Inc.
  • Guidelines for Reporting Resources and Reserves for Brine Deposits, Rebecca Holland-Kennedy, Pepinnini Lithium Ltd
  • Lithium and its analytical challenge from exploring to mining, Alex Otto, CSIRO
  • Rapid field identification of mineral phases in LCT pegmatites: the application of RAMAN spectroscopy, Sophie Perring, Portable XRF Services Pty Ltd
  • The Buchanan’s LCT Pegmatite Field, Steven Wilson, Geological Solutions Pty Ltd

Investment, Risk and Economics

  • Managing Stakeholder Expectations, Ben Johnson, KPMG
  • International Trends in Lithium Production Technologies (Using Patent Analysis), Mike Lloyd, Glasshouse Advisory

Lithium battery metals and commodities (Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese and Graphite)

  • Lithium – Battery Bloat or Bottlenecks Demystified, Nell Agate Tsui, IHS Markit
  • Montero Makes New Lithium Discovery– The Atacama Of Chile, Antony Harwood, Montero Mining And Exploration Limited
  • The Analysis of Lithium Battery Metals and Commodities Using Field Portable Techniques, Andrew Somers, SciAps Inc

Metallurgy and Processing

  • Roasting of spodumene (LiAlSi2O6) with additives for lithium extraction, Arif Abdullah, Murdoch University
  • Can lithium tailings be safely stored in an upstream construction facility?, Michael Ashley, GHD Pty Ltd
  • A comparison of electrodynamic fragmentation to cone crushing of some pegmatites to liberate Li-bearing minerals, Mark Aylmore, Curtin University
  • Filtration – an integral part of impurity removal for battery grade LiCO3 / LiOH production, Goetz Bickert, GBL Process Pty Ltd
  • Weathering of pyroxenes, Johannes Chischi, Murdoch University
  • The Flotation of Lithium Minerals From Hard Rock Deposits From Laboratory Testwork to Commissioning, Damian Connelly, Mets Engineering Group Pty Ltd
  • Evaluation of the processing routes of lithium from the european pegmatite deposits, Lev Filippov, Université De Lorraine
  • An Overview of Lithium Processing: Technical Considerations, Pete Forakis, SGS Minerals Metallurgy
  • Overview of Process Development for Plateau Energy Metals Falchani Lithium Project, Chris Griffith, ANSTO Minerals
  • A New ‘closed’ process for Lithium chemicals production from Spodumene and other Lithium-Silicate Minerals, Richard Hunwick, ICS Pty Ltd
  • Overview of Process Development of the Altura Pilgangoora Lithium Project, Jeremy Ison, DRA Global
  • Recovery of lithium from mineral resources: state-of-the-art and perspectives, Huan Li, WA School of Mines, Curtin University
  • Extraction of lithium from lepidolite and spodumene concentrates by alkali roasting and leaching, James Mulwanda, Murdoch University
  • Extraction of Lithium from Spodumene through Roasting with Additives, Thamsanqa Ncube, Murdoch University
  • Investigation of flash calciner thermal treatment of lithium ore, Tobias Risken, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG
  • Partnership Unlocks Value in Li Processing, Richard Williams, Mclanahan

Mineralogy, hard rocks vs brines vs other

  • Improving Shallow Hard Rock Pegmatite Mining, David Billington, Mining Plus Ltd
  • Characterisation of Li-deportment in LCT-pegmatites: Application for field identification of Li mineralogy, Martin Wells, John De Laeter Centre, Curtin University

Recycling and safety

  • Lithium, cobalt and nickel dissolution from spent lithium – ion batteries, Cristian Serrano, Universidad Católica del Norte