Andrew Mackenzie

Managing Director, Envirostream

Andrew Mackenzie has over 22 years of industrial processing, recycling and manufacturing experience with a strong focus on building an Australian industry for a battery circular economy.

Envirostream Australia Pty Ltd is Australia’s first lithium, alkaline and nickel metal hydride battery processor. Andrew spent over two years researching and prototyping the processing equipment before Envirostream began its operations in early 2017 with the vision of increasing the low battery recycling rate in Australia through continuous innovation. Envirostream is constantly developing its processes to be flexible as the range of battery chemistries grow and the power

Previously, Andrew owned and operated an industrial machinery manufacturing business. The range of machines built where for processes in a range of industries from the food, woodworking and steel fabrication industries. This has given Andrew a strength in a wide range of processes that can be applied in unique ways to current and future projects.

Andrew also travels to all the downstream partners to ensure best practice is constant and innovation discussions continue in processing, quality and various uses for the products in which Envirostream produces.

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