Marina Yakovleva

Director of R&D and New Product Technology, Livent

Marina Yakovleva earned a master’s degree in chemistry from the St. Petersburg University, Russia and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Marina is Director of R&D and New Product Development at Livent Corporation. Marina started her career in the battery components industry with FMC Corporation in 1995. Marina has inventions in lithium-ion battery materials widely used commercially, including the Ti/Mg tailored cathode technology that has become the industry standard and is used in the vast majority of consumer electronics devices. Marina has over 75 patents granted in US and worldwide and over 20 patents pending in the US and worldwide. Marina is internationally recognized in the field of battery research for her long, successful track record of generating future research directions, managing innovative research, establishing strong customer relationships, leading interdisciplinary teams and her experience in development, manufacturing and technology of specialty and basic chemicals, technology transfers, intellectual property management, and project management.

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