Prof Jacques Eksteen

COO and Research Director, Future Battery Industries CRC

Prof Jacques Eksteen is the Chair for Extractive Metallurgy, the Director of the Gold Technology Group (GTG), and the Interim Research Director for the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBICRC). His mandate is to provide leadership in extractive metallurgy research from Curtin University’s Bentley Campus. His areas of research focuses on extractive metallurgy of Precious, Base and Critical Metals. The GTG has developed a number of innovations that are currently being commercialised such as the Carbon Scout™ carbon meter fro CIL/CIP circuits (commercialised with Gekko Systems) and the GlyLeach™ (commercialised with Minng and Process Solutions). The FBICRC is a CRC focussed on the cradle to grave aspects of batteries: from resources, through the production and deployment value chain to recycling.

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